About Simond Gingras

Financial Security Advisor, IBC Practitioner In Training

I have always felt that something was wrong with conventional financial strategies. Although most people do what they are told to do, not many people seem to be able to build true wealth. When I discovered the Infinite Banking Concept I felt like I had to share it with as many people as I could.

My goal is to help Canadians live a less stressful life by helping them improve their personal finance. I firmly believe that if more people do just a little bit better in the financial aspect of their life, we, has a society, would greatly benefit globally in many spheres of our lives.

As a licensed life insurance advisor, I promote alternate strategies helping Canadians keep their hard earned money closer to them and truly work for them.

Honesty, respect and empathy are the core values of my relationships with all my clients.

Simond Gingras