About Dave Otto

CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., EPC, IBC Practitioner

Dave is an authority in financial security planning, insurance, wealth accumulation, education savings, retirement savings, retirement income, investment strategies, tax, wealth transfer, estate planning and the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) with over 38 years experience.


  • People who are tired of lack of control – having to accept the rules to bank, invest and borrow.
  • People who are tired of the high fees they are paying to invest money and getting no guarantees.
  • People who are tired of the risk levels they are taking on their investments with no protection from economic tsunamis.
  • People who are tired of having to jump through the hoops to borrow money.
  • People who are tired of not recapturing tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card, car loan and mortgage interest.
  • People who are tired of lack of time.

► EXPERTISE: I help high income/net worth people and businesses create more wealth, take back control, reduce risk and fees, recapture hundreds of thousands of dollars of loan interest with protection and guarantees using the secrets of the wealthy.

► HOW I GET THINGS DONE: I specialize in helping high income individuals and businesses understand a lot of what they’ve been taught about money is wrong and teach them the truth about money and strategies the wealth use.  How do you think the wealthy became wealthy and get wealthier?


  • Dave, I find your service and dedication to be first rate. I am impressed with your knowledge of the industry and your ability to deliver the right product at a competitive price.” Jason Ball, G.S.G., President of Ball Construction Ltd.
  • Dave has been very good in helping us sort out my financial and insurance needs. He took confusion and focused us on what was important to our future.” Russ Weir, CPA, CA of BDO Canada LLP

I can show you how you can take back control of your money, dramatically reduce fees and risk, recapture hundreds of thousands in loan interest, gain protection and guarantees and still get the same, maybe better, returns you’re get now.

Dave is licensed in both Alberta and Ontario.

Dave Otto

Calgary, Alberta


Our mission is to continue the path established by Nelson Nash Institute (NNI) to educate and inspire individual Canadians to take control of their financial lives by reclaiming the banking function from outsiders.

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