About Donovon Coates

IBC Practitioner

My wife of 28 years and I started out with $25 a month toward our own  two children in our early 20’s, that’s all that we had available.

My goal is to help others that are presently in my former position to learn, grow and implement IBC for themselves and for their future.

As a fire fighter I learned the value of teamwork and how to mitigate real risk.

As a foster parents I learned the value of family.

We have been were most people are starting, with nothing or less than nothing when student debt and credit cards are added to the equation.

After many years of “hard work” we have done well for ourselves but our journey would have been so much easier if we had learned how to become our own banker earlier.

I am here to help educate others the process of becoming your own banker and making a long lasting legacy change in your own family as we are doing in ours.

Too many families are being left behind.

IBC is not for everyone but everyone can learn and apply it to their personal or corporate situation.

We are the first of our families that are building a legacy and planning change so that none of our future will be middle class anymore.

Be the change in your family.

Let’s grow together.

Donovon Coates

Calgary, Alberta


Our mission is to continue the path established by Nelson Nash Institute (NNI) to educate and inspire individual Canadians to take control of their financial lives by reclaiming the banking function from outsiders.

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