Infinite Banking®: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Started

Infinite Banking®, also known as the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®), is a financial strategy that empowers individuals to take control of their finances by leveraging a specially designed participating (dividend-paying) whole life insurance policy. This concept, popularized by R. Nelson Nash, allows individuals to create their own personal Banking® system, providing them with increased financial […]

Criticisms of Infinite Banking Concept®️ (IBC®) Rebuked

Infinite Banking Rebuked

The Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC®) is the process by which one becomes their own banker, as taught by the late Nelson Nash. In his definitive book on the subject, Becoming Your Own Banker, Nash explains how specially designed dividend-paying whole life insurance policies uniquely function as dividend-paying assets through accrued equity, and the many creative […]

Buy Term Insurance & Invest The Difference Or Buy Whole Life?

The answer is it depends. Let’s start with a simple explanation of each type. Term (T) life insurance is like renting a house.  Whole Life (WL) is like owning a house. The initial premium for T is small compared to WL. How much smaller depends on how long you want to be covered.  T is […]