About Kathleen van den Berg

CFP, MBA, IBC Practitioner

Kathleen prides herself in helping clients create phenomenal wealth and has a lot of fun doing it.

Unlike most other financial planners, she includes real estate strategies in clients’ wealth building plans.  Kathleen together with her husband own 17 doors, most of which are purpose built legal secondary suites – her specialty.

Kathleen specializes in using permanent cash value whole life insurance to create significantly greater wealth in retirement, but also allowing for policies to create an infinite banking resource to be used in a client’s wealth building years for opportunities such as income properties, stock trading, private mortgages, and other opportunities.

Kathleen van den Berg

Brooklin, Ontario


Our mission is to continue the path established by Nelson Nash Institute (NNI) to educate and inspire individual Canadians to take control of their financial lives by reclaiming the banking function from outsiders.

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